Between laziness and the urge to run

Between laziness and the urge to runSunday, 6:15 am. I have to go running, but I don’t feel like it.
One more turn on the bed and I get up.

6:40 am
I think of excuses to go back to sleep. There is none.
I think of reasons to go running: there are many.
I stand up. It’s cold. That sleep.
In zombie mode I turn on the coffee machine.
I pick up the equipment, put it back down. I look at him.
Does it take so much to run? With the cold it is, it’s even little…
I drink the coffee while I think about going back to bed.
Outside it’s still night. It is not as cold as yesterday. Today there is no frost in the open country. Another excuse that is lost.
What if you were to train at home? Is not the same thing.
Go running where?
None of the usual routes I feel like, let alone taking the car out of the garage.
I have to be home early.
There are purchases to make and a collect to fulfill.
Where am I going?
To the bed. No. I have to run. I need to run.
Seen the equipment. I turn on the phones. I turn on Spotify.
Today I go to the ramp. If you stay there for an hour, give a good workout.
After an hour of ironing … 7:40 am. There I went. Sleepy and cold, to the ramp.
Fifty minutes, 6km, 400 D +.
I heard about it for life, and I just didn’t stay there any longer, because two dogs woke up the whole neighborhood whenever I passed (and I have the impression that the rotweiller was going to end up knocking down the gate).
I have this eternal problem with dogs. Even prisoners scare me.
And the will overcame laziness.

António Pinheiro

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António Pinheiro
António Pinheiro
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