If you will run take a proof of address with you

If you will run take a proof of address with youAs of today, the portuguese authorities will be able to fine those who are not accompanied by documents that prove their exit to the street. Running is included in this standard.

Do not risk the fine and be accompanied by proof of address and identification, for example a citizen’s card and an invoice (water, electricity, etc.) proving your current residence.

It is that “exceptions to the general duty of recollection must also be justified, including the practice of physical and sports exercise or the stroll of pet animals in the area of ​​residence”.

Such justification must be made “by means of a document proving the address, travel by car is not permitted for those purposes”.

The Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) also informed that “in cases where there is no place for the immediate payment of fines, this will also imply paying the applicable procedural costs and the increase in guilt in determining the amount of the fine.

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